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William Hill Bingo | April 20, 2011


Based on the amount William Hill Bingo are currently giving away, their new campaign must be working wonders! Their latest wheeze offers members the chance to win a share of £100,000 that they’re giving away over ten days between 23rd April to 2nd May – and as far as promotions go, this one’s easier than anything else. Come and play Bingo at William Hill and you could end up quids in with the £100,000 Ten Day Giveaway. We’ve got a £10,000 prize jackpot to win every single day, and everyone who’s playing the jackpot winning game will get a share! Whoever calls house to win the jackpot will take away £5,000, and we’ll share another £5,000 between everyone else playing in the game; the more tickets you had in the game, the greater your share!

This amazing jackpot runs on games in the community room from 9am each day. Just win a house on 38 numbers or less to win the Jackpot, and from 5pm each day we will increase the jackpot ball count by 3 numbers every hour until it’s won. Join us every day for this amazing big prize opportunity! The prizes vary greatly from cash to a new car, luxury holidays, and much, much more. Whatever your idea of the perfect prize is, you can be sure that its up for grabs. And because each draw divides the money up differently, it’s great whether you want a good chance of winning a small prize, or a small chance of winning a big prize!

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